Mind Wanderer or Mind Distracted or Both?

We’ve been talking about how some of us have problems with external distractions when we read and others of us with our minds wandering.  Here’s what a few of my students have to say:

  • I have problems with my mind wandering.  I start thinking about going to recess.  I can read a difficult book if my teacher is reading out loud if I have a copy of a book.flying books That helps me concentrate.  For myself, I pick easier books with a topic I like.
  • Many times when I read I am planning the future.  What I do about it is try to stop my mind and say to myself, “Concentrate, let’s do it!”
  • My mind wanders and I can still read the words, but I’m thinking about something else.  I read better when I read at my desk away from everybody else.
  • When I read, the movie plays in my mind, but sometimes my mind plays a different movie than the book such as me playing soccer.  I just ignore it and try to concentrate on my book.  (He must be good at it, because as a second year English learner, he’s read all the Harry Potter books!)
  • When my mind wanders I reread until I get it and I am re focused.
  • I can block out outside distractions, but my mind wandering doesn’t allow me to think about the book.  To stop thinking about other things I stop, tell my mind to concentrate, then think about the book.
  • Sometimes when I read a book and find a connection I start thinking about that and don’t concentrate on my reading.
  • Distractions bother me because my mind has to stay completely on the book.  To be focused I need silence.  I try to ignore sounds or I cover my ears with a pillow.
  • When I read I get distracted by sounds.  I can read when everybody is silent, but not when there is lots of noise.  I can’t read in my house because my brothers are watching TV in one room and in another they’re playing wii.  What I do about it is I go in my closet and read there.

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