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Scope of Services


  • To guide students in achieving their full literacy potential and improve metacognitive processing using the reading and writing workshop model.

Long Term Goals:

  • To provide teacher support through on-site workshops and coaching as well as virtual workshops and coaching which improve teacher practice over time by building on their existing skill set and strengths.

Design and Delivery Options:

  1. Professional Development Workshops

Dr. Goodreader Consulting Services can facilitate professional development workshops based on current best practice and workshops in the areas listed under Scope of Services.

  1. Coaching

On-site or virtual coaching sessions to provide teachers job-embedded support. This can be achieved in one-on-one coaching sessions or small group sessions. Coaching will require that the coach and/or teacher(s) model lessons. Relying heavily on self-reflection, the teachers will improve their teaching practices to impact student learning.

Scope of Services: Reading and Writing Workshop

Reading Workshop

  • Use metacognition and self-reflection to improve decoding ability and reading comprehension.
  • Use Dr. Goodreader (fix-up strategy flow chart) to facilitate metacognition and self-reflection when making a purposeful choice of a fix-up strategy when comprehension breaks down.
  • Have purposeful reading conferences that move students along the reading continuum.
  • Use impromptu running records as a diagnostic tool for next steps in the classroom.
  • Questioning that sparks thinking when reading.
  • Use reading workshop mini-lesson architecture well in the classroom.
  • Support high quality design and implementation of reading workshop units of study in the classroom.
  • Document qualitative and quantitative data in reading workshop.
  • Importance of teaching reading strategies in the classroom and how they interrelate with CCSS.

Writing Workshop

  • Support high quality design and implementation of writing workshop units of study in the classroom.
  • Use metacognition and self-reflection to improve editing and revising abilities.
  • Connect writing process and writing workshop.
  • Document qualitative and quantitative data in writing workshop.
  • Many ways that writers use to generate ideas that transfer to the classroom.


  • Use of storytelling to improve lesson retention, pre-writing, and vocabulary.*
  • Metacognition as a tool for life.
  • Facilitate writing groups for teachers to improve writing workshop and conferring practice in the classroom.*
  • Teach grammar and punctuation in context.
  • Techniques to broaden vocabulary.
  • Teach parents how to strengthen their child’s reading at home.
  • Write integrated units which include reading and writing workshop and other subject area(s)
  • Align and implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the school district’s curriculum with reading and writing workshop.

Fees upon request for workshops, coaching, and virtual coaching.

*These workshops should be long-term and have a lower rate books-683897_1920

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