Not Quite Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, but Not Bad!


My grand-daughter, Shaye, has a bad case of not-finish-itis.  She starts lots of books, but seldom finishes them.  The question is, what to do??

First, I asked Shaye to self-diagnose.  “Do you know why you’re not finishing your books?” asked I.

“Yes, another book looks more interesting.”

“Ah…an advanced case of the-grass-looks-greener,”  I murmured.  “I have just the cure for that.”

“Shaye, honey, good readers do four things to solve this problem:

  1. They’re very careful when selecting their books.
  2. They pay careful attention to the first chapter, asking lots of questions.
  3. They make a prediction at the end of every chapter.
  4. They have a special place for the books they’re going to read next.  That’s called having a reading plan.”

Shaye and I went to the bookstore and spent about an hour picking out one book for now and one book for later.  We went home and I read the first chapter out loud to her, modeling how good readers ask questions and predict.  Finally, we went in her room and chose a spot (an empty drawer) for the books she planned to read next.

I’ll keep you posted.

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