Context Clues Part 3

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The first step in teaching context clues is to make students aware of the different types:

  • Look for a synonym.  Sally and Susie often get into little skirmishes, but they don’t let these little arguments spoil their friendship.
  • Look for an antonym. (Compare and Contrast) Nicho tried to conceal his actions, but his face showed that he was reading another book at his desk.
  • Look for the definition.  Babushka lived in a dacha, a small house in the Russian countryside.  An addendum to this:  Some students need to be taught that the word or in a sentence can signal a definition as in, Babushka lived in a dacha, or small house, in the Russian countryside.
  • Look for words that appear in a series.  The dulcimer, banjo, and the fiddle are popular instruments in the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Look at cause and effect.  My husband infuriates me when he throws away papers that are important to me.
  • Look at general context.  He reminded me of Yin.  Yin was a king in China during the 1500’s whom I had studied about in school.)

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