Did I clunk on a word?

Did_I_clunk_on_a_word_When using the Dr. Goodreader chart, we need to teach students that it’s not that good readers don’t make mistakes when they read, but that good readers notice when something doesn’t make sense and go back to correct their mistakes.

Even the best readers misread words from time to time.  Our brains assume what the next word will be based on the first letter or two.  When it doesn’t make sense we need to ask ourselves some questions:

  • Did I read the word incorrectly?  (I have ample opportunity to model this when I read out loud to my students.)
  • Did I substitute a word?  (This as far as most older intermediate readers need to go.)
  • Can I try reading the word out loud? (This helps younger students and ELL students.)
  • Have I looked carefully at the beginning and ending sounds? (Some students are in such a hurry that they skip over important parts of a word.)
  • Do I need to point and slide? (Very helpful to younger readers.)

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